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Giới thiệu thêm về trường Rosehill College

Giới thiệu thêm về trường Rosehill College

Rosehill College ‘Together we create an environment for personal excellence'

Rosehill College is a co-educational, state secondary school, with 1650 Year 9 to Year 13 students.  The College is nationally recognised for the programmes offered to all students, who study in a safe friendly environment where they gain their full academic, cultural, and social potential. 

The College is situated in a residential suburb of Papakura, 30 minutes by car from downtown Auckland City, and 15 minutes from Auckland International Airport.

The students study in well appointed facilities, including art, music and drama suites, e learning rooms, library, gymnasiums and a fitness centre, astro turf courts, and playing fields with an outdoor heated swimming pool. 

Rosehill College is a school which has high expectations of students and achieves correspondingly high results.

Our focus is on academic achievement across the very broad range of subjects we offer. We are interested primarily in student learning and in ensuring that the College provides an environment for personal excellence.

It is our expectation that every student who walks through our gates will succeed, according to their abilities, skills and effort.

Learning, of course, takes place well beyond the classroom. This is why the College has an extensive and impressive range of programmes and activities designed to develop and extend cultural, sporting and leadership abilities and potential for both juniors and seniors.

The key features of our success and our mission as a College are:

The Curriculum

As a large, progressive and innovative College we offer a comprehensive curriculum well beyond the reach of many other New Zealand schools. The College's values and the key competencies form an integral part of our curriculum.

 The range of subjects and qualifications available provide a wide choice to students.

 More details about the curriculum are provided on our web page at www.rosehillcollege.school.nz

The Teaching Staff

Selection of staff is the most important task of the principal and the Board. The college attracts quality applicants for positions because of its national profile and because it provides and funds extensive professional development and training opportunities for teachers and support staff.

A Commitment to the Individual

All international students are placed in the care of our Director of International Students who is responsible for all aspects of their academic and personal welfare. The Director of International Students works closely with Heads of Houses, our International Student Co-ordinator, and other senior staff to ensure that students are cared for and their needs met.

International students are encouraged to play a full part in the college and as such will be placed in one of the six Houses at the college. Each House has a special character and students often develop special commitment to their house.

International Department

Rosehill College has had many years of experience hosting International Students from all over the world. The College is a signatory to the Code of Practice for International Students and takes the welfare and education of their students very seriously. The number of International Students is small which enables students to be readily integrated into College life. Currently our International Students represent 15 different countries and regions.

International Department Support

We understand how challenging it is to study in a new country and new environment. The International Department is dedicated to helping students adapt to a new culture and provides a high level of support to our international students. The International Department has a full-time International Director and International Student Co-ordinator. Everyone plays a role in supporting and ensuring students are safe and happy.

We interview international students regularly to make sure they progress well academically, are happy in their homestay.

Below are a snapshot of what we are doing at the International Department for our International Students:

  • A comprehensive orientation programme to help new students to settle well academically and socially
  • Ongoing academic support and guidance to making sure that each student gets ahead
  • Native language support in Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Japanese, French, and Spanish.
  • Tutoring and buddy support from committed senior students who are willing to help
  • Term interviews for each International student on academic progress and welfare conducted by experienced International Department staff
  • Career advice and University application assistance from our excellent Career Centre staff
  • A comprehensive online Parent Portal for parents to access essential information on their child’s academic progress and social integration such as School Report, Daily Notice, Timetable, Attendance, NCEA Summary, Awards etc.
  • Free assistance on insurance claim

Career Planning

The College organises an annual career night and invites the majority of New Zealand Universities and Polytechnics to talk about the options for further study. The career counsellor at the College offers advice on further study opportunities in universities/polytechnics in New Zealand and sometimes abroad. There are one on one career counselling sessions for each one of International Students from Years 11 to 13, and university prospectuses are available for students.  Rosehill College graduates have had great success being accepted into top NZ universities and some of the world’s best universities.


The commitment of the College is to learning, and our central focus is on student achievement, supported by strong cultural, sporting and social programmes.

The College welcomes international students who wish to gain international quality qualifications, in an environment designed specifically to assist and guide them to achieve to their fullest potential.

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